Saturday, December 26, 2009

Satin Ribbon Roses

I finished my satin roses and posted them today on ebay. It's been a labor of love for sure.
The roses are hand stitched and are 2 to 2-1/4 inches wide.
These beauties are wonderful for appliques. Pillows, shoes, scarves, hairbows, bedspreads, hats, brooches. Anything your mind can imagine.
They are $8.50 plus 2.20 shipping.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, New Year is next, Judy

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Learning To Make Satin Ribbon Roses

I'm learning to make ribbon roses. I just love to work with ribbon. Anything ribbon will work. These are about 2-1/2 inches wide. Perfect for appliques, hairbows, scarves, pillowcases,shoes, brooch pins.
There are so many styles of roses to learn. I found the most amazing book written by Candace Kling , The Artful Ribbon. I have never seen so many beautiful ribbon flowers. Something very special in making flowers. Keeping beautiful things alive. I will be offering roses made of satin, organza and grosgrain ribbons. They will be posted on ebay within a few days and on my website
I will still make my hairbows just plan to expand. No way is there enough time to do everything you want to. I would love to sew and make handbags and totes. I just can't fit everything in. I choose the roses because I can sit in the living room at night with my husband and make the roses while we watch a little TV. He is very sick and I don't like to stay in my bow room all the time and leave him alone so much. This is a perfect solution for that problem.

This is Christmas Eve and I'm missing my family so much. My Brother, Sister and my Mom. Missing the old days when we all lived near each other and spent holidays together when our children were small.

I received a boutique of beautiful flowers yesterday from someone I'm not really sure who it was but they brightened my Christmas more than they know. One the card there was a bible verse. I pulled out my bible and looked it up.

Psalms 55:22 Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

I had no idea that this would be so sad and depressing this Christmas. The first Christmas that my husband and I spent together since he went on dialysis. Everything is different now. The medical company brought equipment yesterday for him. Wheelchair and a hospital bed. A cold reality check for me. Some things you just have no control over. Have to make the best of it, don't want to become depressed.

Everyone please be thankful and have a wonderful Christmas, Judy

Sunday, December 20, 2009


While the reason for this blog is discussing ribbon, hair bows and showing pictures of my work other things go on in our lives that take all of our attention and I want to share problems as well as solutions that we have discovered. We are fairly new to PD at home dialysis so we have had more problems than solutions.

I enjoy the emails that I receive from others that are interested in kidney failure and from those who are on dialysis. I learn from every email that I receive from others.

I think we made a bad mistake yesterday by going to a family Christmas party. Although its one that we go to every year and its the highlight of our lives. This is the fun part of being with our Children and Grandchildren, (notice that I capped those words without even thinking about it) but that's how we feel about getting together with the kids.

Our youngest daughter live 75 miles south of us, they picked us up and we went to Glenpool, Oklahoma about another 85 miles so a pretty long trip for them. All the kids were there. One Son and all his family, wife and 6 children and a boyfriend of their oldest. Four Daughters and their family's, husbands and between them 8 Grandchildren, one Granddaughter and her 2 children, my Great-Grand-Children. The house was busting full with little ones running around. Lots of good food and fun. Santa Clause came in the front door with a bag of gifts, the kids were so excited. Even some of the grown-ups sat on Santa's lap for their presents. Of course we made fun of them.

My husband is on home dialysis the PD type so he does dialysis every night. He has been very ill with a recent heart attack and his lungs filling with fluid. He is on the mend but still weak. He didn't want to miss all this so we went. He is a diabetic and although he is not eating much anymore because of nausea he felt like eating some things that he really liked. In the car on the way up there he also had a pop and that really was not a good idea.

A problem with PD dialysis for some is that the solution they have to use is dextrose witch can make a patients sugar count go up and he has been having that problem. Our routine is to check his sugar at night and if its high witch it always is I give him 10 units of lantus. His sugar when we went to bed last was 316 so I gave him a shot. When I got up this morning he was still hooked up to dialysis and had one more fill and a drain left. He was so thirsty that he had been setting here drinking water. At some point dialysis patients stop being able to urinate and he has. So all that fluid is staying in his body. The dialysis machine takes that fulid off. Since he was at the end of the dialysis treatment it didn't have time to do that. When it came time to unhook his weight was up so high that is scares me to death. The more the weight is the more fluid is on him. This is what causes the lungs to fill up and is life threatening. I will put him on dialysis early tonight to get it off as fast as I can. I will need to call the on call PD nurse today and hope they don't send him to the hospital. He was so thirsty so I checked his sugar and its over 500, another reason we should go straight to the hospital. He won't he is so tired of being in the hospital.

A PD home dialysis can have more fluids than a Hemo dialysis patient can but still need to be careful.
A PD home dialyses still has to watch their diet also.
Albumin witch is protein, you must eat protein, his is low.
Phosphorus, a bad one, so many things he can't have.
Calcium,. we don't want that one
Other things that he takes meds for also.

Just about the time I think I'm getting this, one bad day can mess it up. Every time the lungs fill with fluid the heart becomes larger and weakens.

While he is sleeping today with a sugar count of over 500 I'll need to watch him and make sure he does not go into a coma. In the meantime I need to make sure a couple of bags are packed and I have all the information on his meds because if he begins to have trouble breathing we are on our way to the Hospital again no matter what he says.

So its worth it to pay more attention to fluids and diets. A person needs to be so careful.
Home dialysis is easy and we like it but take things for granted and get lax sometimes, now I'm so sorry we were not more careful.

We will be more careful in the future, you just can't get lax with home dialysis. In other words I'll have to nag at him more. Sometimes I feel like a drill Sargent.

PD is easier than Hemo because you are taking fluids and poison off every night. But you still have to do your part, one bad day can cause a real problem. Judy