Friday, December 7, 2007

Reduced Price

I've reduced the price on my photo totes. Take a look at my ebay auctions. The link is to your right. Need to sell them before Christmas. Such a great gift. Pictures of the Totes are below.

I also have some .99 cent auctions on ebay right now. Already have a bid and lots of watchers so grab it while you can with a high bid. The bows in each auction are worth 30.00 each if bought any other time. This is a great buy. These are bows I've made for pictures.

I've listed some adorable sets on etsy. Popular sought after printed ribbons made up into bows and offering crochet headbands to go with them. Great Christmas presents or for your little to wear for the holdays. Picture of bows are above.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Just Added Today On My Website

Photo bags are so popular. Just slide in your favorite picture and show it off.

Perfect for the holidays. Only two left.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Road Trip Today

My husband and I will be gone today and tomorrow Nov. the 7th and 8th. He will have a surgery today in Oklahoma City witch is about 100 miles from here. I will be back to answer emails on Thurs. night the 8th of Nov.

Our Son-in-law is driving us to the hospital. Ok City has so much traffic that it scares me to death. So our plan is to drive from here in Holdenville to Norman to my daughters. She lives on the OU campus. My son-in-law is a EMT and works for EMSA there in Ok City and takes patients to the hospital all the time. Don't know why it is but I don't like to ride with any of the kids. Don't they know any fear?????????????? I'll have my eyes closed the whole time and have prayed for traveling mercy for this trip.

I will so glad to see home again. Judy

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Story About My Little Duck


Once upon a time in a big bright green meadow,
A little duck walked - a duck wearing a hair bow.

The sun was shining and all was so bright,
And in this meadow of flowers, the duck flew a kite.

Then all of the sudden, the wind came blowing by!
And the little duck’s hair bow blew into the sky.

“Wait!” Cried the duck, “Don’t blow anywhere!
Oh, now what to do? What shall I wear in my hair?”

The little duck let her kite fall to the ground.
She would not rest until her hair bow was found!

See, her hair bow was special, something no one else had
It wasn’t magical, but it still made her glad.

She’d made it herself with love and with care
Oh, she wanted her hair bow to be back in her hair!

But then in the meadow she heard a nice sound,
A little girl giggling and jumping around.

“Look what I found!” she told her mother nearby.
“Can I keep it? Please? It’s so pretty, and fell straight from the sky!”

“Well,” Said her mother, “I suppose that you may.
It is a pretty bow. Yes, a beautiful bow for a beautiful day!”

So the little girl now had the bow in her hair,
The little duck was sad but then giggles came back through the air.

“Courtney”, for that was the little girl’s name,
“Yes, that bow is much better for you and your games.”

The little duck liked sharing that bow
And she thought it’d be neat to share more, you know.

So that little duck makes hair bows with love and with joy
And gives them to little girls to wear and enjoy.

And now, one for you! Your own bow, oh, what luck!
Made with love, from me, your friend, Mrs. Duck

Written by Donna Travis

Monday, October 29, 2007

This Little Duck Needs A Name

I love to embroidery. I'm making some hair bows with this adorable little duck embroidered on them. My daughter that is a writer is going to write some Childrens books to offer with the hair bows. We have not settled on a name as yet. I like Homer and she thinks it needs to be a girls name.

Any ideas are welcome. Have a great day, Judy

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Here They Come

Just to be fair, Sarah does have a pretty smile
Here she is with her Mama, my Daughter
I sure don't want to leave out the other twin
Here is Aubrey with his Mama. Gosh these kids are
so wonderful. Their parents are beaming over them.

Sarah don't smile so big honey!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is something about posing with the
The hairbows I Guess.

Oh my gosh, don't smile Sarah PLEASE

I am blessed with 14 Grandchildren but I live about 85 to 100 miles from all of them. My daughter in Glenpool Oklahoma has TWINS that are 3 years old, a girl and a boy. Sweetest kids you have ever seen. And FULL of it. The little girl is just like her Mother was, bossy, too smart and hipper. The little boy is layed back and as sweet as he can be.
If my kids ever start reading my blogs, I'm in trouble. They will be here this afternoon and will stay for 3 days. They are so excited but on the other hand not really used to staying away from home. I would like to take pictures of Sarah wearing hairbows and post them on my website but its so funny that this little girl with the beautilful face and wonderful personality has a problem with smiling for the camera.
These are beautiful twins although I have a spare bedroom and had it ready for them the last time they came. Guess what, they won't sleep there. They had to sleep in my bed oh course and when I got them to sleep there was no room for me in there so I ended up sleeping on the sofa. Great at my age my bones won't conform to that sofa. Well here we go~~~~~~~~~~~~

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Gotta Step Out There

I was looking through the Ebay auctions last night and saw a auction that really surprised me. In her auction for a wonderful hair bow holder she used the words as seen on TV. I guess I was thinking she was reselling these but that wasn't the case at all. She invented this style and has a patient pending. She entered her invention in a contest and won a chance to go to New York and show her invention on Good Morning America and now she is selling them on Ebay. I was so happy for her I had to email her. She was so nice to talk to and you know she didn't seem a bit nervous on TV. I would have been a train wreck. Here is a link to her auctions and website. If you go to her website there is a clip of her TV appearance. A great way to organize your daughters hair accessories and I think would make a great Christmas gift. She already has bids on her hair bow holder, it's a great product. She is selling them for $19.00, so afordable, I wish her tremendous success. You just wait and see what she comes up with next. Her name is Joy, go over to her ebay auction and email her and let her know she is doing a great job. Click on watch this item and lets see how many watchers she can get. (Here is the video)
Have a great day, Judy

Monday, September 3, 2007


Have you ever made things to put on your website or auctions and then you start thinking.
(Feel guilty about selling them because one of the kids might want them?) I get tickled every time I make a tote, either I think (well I might like to carry that one) or I bet one of the girls might want that one.) Then I think maybe I better not sell these you know Christmas in coming soon.
I like to draw out my own patterns and I really love to do that. I might dwell on a pattern for days. I don't know how these designers make so many totes and put them on their websites!!!
Oh course that was my plan to sell them. After 50 years of sewing I have learned a few things. Children's dresses and dresses for myself. Can't seem to produce anything though.
I've made items for very high end company's but can't seem to load up my website.

Of course the hair bows. I do love to make hair bows and sell plenty of those. I think my daughters have all the hair bows they can stand for their little ones.

My little 18 month old granddaughter is my model allot because she is around more than the others. She has learned the routine. I wait on her to get here and plan for pictures for my auctions and website. She knows when I put the new bows in her hair I'm going to get out the camera. The chase is on then. I have to chase her all over the place to get a shot.
Sometimes she wins out. I put one of them on my website the other day. She was in full flight. I'm thinking about putting all those out-takes on my website someday, and there is plenty of them. So funny

Here's a great link for free patterns. If your a pattern junkie you will love this.......

I plan on making the tote one of these days. Great link, ENJOY

Friday, August 24, 2007

I love to read these stories on myspace take a look

This is so sweet and really makes you think about life from the prospective of a toddler. Its on myspace. Continuing stories of the Adventures of Fayth. A Mother trying to imagine what life is like for her toddler. Bookmark this site and follow her stories about her adventures. Here is is, ENJOY.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm still laughing at this story

In one of my groups someone gave a ebay listing that was worth looking at.
Well I never laughed so hard. You have to read this story she put on her auction
for some poky man card her kids slipped into the gro basket. She has since had
77,000 hits on her blog. She gives her blog name in the ebay listing.
Enjoy and read this.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Sad Day In Oklahoma

We were hit with typhoon weather yesterday in the Oklahoma City area. Something that has never happened before here. Six dead and 75 rescued from Kingfisher. In Seminole one woman swept away in her car from high waters and lost her life. Seminole is only 20 miles from here. Roads closed, power outages, some schools closed. Water is receding in some places. The winds were high and the rain was relentless. My heart goes out to all those families that were affected. All rivers are above flood stage. My city is OK as far as I could find out. We avoided another one. Listening to the news this morning Oklahoma has had 5 disasters since the first of the year.

We will keep all these towns and family's on our hearts.
Have a good day, Judy

Friday, August 17, 2007


Although its around 100 degrees temperatures for the rest of OK here in my part of the state its around 70. I'm no fool and I'm not going outside when its 100 degrease. I love my central air and I intend to use it like God meant for me to when he made it.

When my little yorkie gets up in the morning I throw him outside for awhile then he comes in too. He won't stay outside either. So I'm in my castle trying to find new things to do. Retirement is wonderful you know but someone needs to explain just what its good for. The government gave me a check and said they would send me one every month for as long as I live. WELL, I don't know where they come from but where I come from you can't do any kind of living on that check.
You don't want to appear to be lazy while they are giving you all that money for free so you work yourself to death trying to pretend your as good as you ever was. Ok, it sounds good.
I'm working building my new website and that is a labor of love for sure and it takes a really long time. These days my computer is my best friend. It must be I'm on it all the time.
I just added a new hairbow to my website lastnight. A fancy boutique bow for toddlers, pictue is above because I don't know how to put it here in my

Have a wonderful day, it could be worse you know............................

Here is a link for today if you like to sew and do crafts here is a site. Be careful and read the fine print before making these items for resale, some site don't allow you to do that.

It's a Dammit doll that someone can throw around and work out flustrations. I thought it was cute and I've heard that things like this can be very helpful.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Not the smartest thing I've ever done!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know you would think buy the time a person has reached my age they would be a little smarter. I decided to move furniture today although I have a very bad back. I really want my sewing machine in the living room area. So cool in here so I thought I would move this big ole computer out to the sewing room and put the sewing machine in here, it's really big. After moving 100 things in order to do this it hit me-------------I have no phone jack out there any more. Oh man all this work for nothing. So I decide to make another run to walmart to just buy a smaller computer desk that would dress up my front room. No such luck there either. By the end of the night I had it all figured out-------I need a new house.My husband works out of town so I was waiting on his call to inform him that we are moving because I don't have the right spot for my sewing machine. Needless to say he didn't want to talk to me very long. Oh well at least today was payday, that always puts me in a better mood. Tomorrow is another day

Here is my link of the day--A great lady that has a real special product. The original no slip baby clips. I have bought from her and she offers the best product and customer service. So if you have a near baldies this is the place to purchase hair accessories.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Big Day Has Come And Gone

Well I survived the big vacation in July. I got to see my sister and mother in Ky. I never saw so much good food. Ky is a beautiful State and my Sister lives in the most unreal old style 2 story farmhouse is what it reminds me of. We were blessed with mild temps the whole time. My family was all there and it was wonderful.

My youngest daughter starts college this month on the 20th at Oklahoma University. We are very proud of her. Although kids used to go to College and then get married. Now they are married and have children living in the married dorms.

I stayed with them in July to help take care of the new baby and it was so interesting watching all the young people on Campus.

I'm building my new website and trying to load it with product. It's a labor of love for sure.

Anyone signing my guest book on my website will receive a 20% discount on anything they purchase.

I plan on posting instructions on my site in the near future.
If there is a hair bow you are interested in please let me know and I will try to write up the instructions for you.

Have a wonderful weekend, Judith

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The big day

Well this is the day I leave for KY. I plan to shop for crafts while I am there and really looking forward to it. Hopefullly I'll be coming home with some great ideas.

Looking forward to seeing all my family especially my 84 year old Mother. To bad family's live so far apart these days. Still on the other hand I'll be so glad to safely get back home.

Such big plans when I get back. Completely changing my craft items and so excited about it.
I'll be doing the things that I've always wanted to do.

Designing women's totes is the big one, I can't wait to look for wonderful tapestry fabrics, imported fabrics for really high end totes.

I plan to offer totes of all prices, I don't want to price any woman out of owning her own custom made boutique tote bag.

What a wonderful day, Judith

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Well this is Tues and 2 days to go before my daughter comes after me to go to KY. I had to put all my auctions on hold and my website. Although I have allot to do to get ready I miss my daily routine of tending to my sales and customers.
It's been storming here and floods. Power is out in allot of places, maybe I should be happy to go to KY just to get a way from the rain.
I have made a dozen trips to my bow room just looking around, I miss it.

The biggest problem is boarding my little Yorkie. You know some people are just not nice. When I call the vet's I'm afraid I'll make the girl mad. She is so busy and not to friendly. I have a apt. for this week but have to make another one for the following week so I can go to OK City to take care of my daughter that's having a baby next week.

Scary here with bad storms and hubby not home. The kids could not get hold of me so they called the police to do a welfare check on me. Embarrassing enough but the police drove by my house and told the kids I was at a neighbors house. I don't know where they got that story. Hmmm may be calling the police is not the best route to take.

Have a great day, Judith

Monday, July 9, 2007

My name is Judith and my world is changing.

If you relate to this please add a comment, the more the better.

I am a great-grandmother and a grandmother of 14.

I don't know how this happened so fast but it is here.

I'm in a Tessy, just now looking for my goals at 65 years old.

I'm not ready to be inactive or to be useless.

I may not feel the greatest anymore but I still manage to get allot done.

This morning I mowed the yard and weeded the flower bed in the front yard.

The lady next door came outside to compliment me on how she admired me for being able to do the yard work.

Of course she is 85 years old and to her I guess I'm young. She would give anything to be able to do something physical.

Oh course I would not have to do this kind of work if my husband was home, he would do it and I would not even offer. My gosh, I have enough to do.

However he works away from home in the summer so it's all mine.

I began making boutique hair bows about 3 years ago and started selling them on ebay and now on under

I also made a webpage at

Great right???????

Older people take things more seriously and I am completely committed to my online business. I love making hair bows for little angels.

On the other hand I don't like changes in my life. This week I am going to travel to KY to see my Mother. She lives with my youngest Sister and I have never been there. Getting harder to drive that far by myself. On the other hand have you ever went on a trip with one of your children? Don't they have any fear at all? So I will close my eyes and pretend that her tale-gate tactic's and jet speeds don't bother me for fear she will accuse me of being old........

I have to leave my little Yorkie at the vets while I'm gone and I'll miss him, oh will this ever be over.

My youngest daughter will have a new baby this month and I will go to her house to help her with the new baby and her toddler for a few days. Sure is hard to stay away from home. After all they don't know how I need things to be when I get up in the morning.

I need my coffee in the quite, not just a cup but 2 hours worth. I need time to think about the day and what I want to do. I need to sit at my computer and read everything in my groups, check my auctions and look at my website and marvel at how pretty it is.

Then I have to figure out what to wear that day, depending on what my plans are. Well when your tending to a new baby all that goes out the window. Forget the coffee and the computer and waking up. You know it takes awhile for your legs to keep up with you.

Maybe this will be the last grand-baby, they are all so precious and I love them all so much. Give them to me when they are walking and I can have a good time with them and they sleep all night and can fix their own cereal in the morning.

If you relate to a changing life, feel free to post here, I need company, Judith